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The Red Townhouse, Penrith
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The Red Townhouse is a 4 story Victorian end of terrace townhouse built in 1865. We are located close to the centre of Penrith with it's wide variety of local shops, pubs and restaurants. B&B guest accommodation is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the property – the lower ground floor is a self-contained flat with long term tenants and the top (4th) floor is our owners’ accommodation. We have 2 guest rooms located on the 2nd floor – one with an en suite shower room and one with a large private bathroom. The breakfast room is located on the 1st floor.

The layout is complicated by the fact that the whole length of Lowther Street is on a slope/hill rising up to the bottom of The Beacon, the fell overlooking Penrith. Although we are at the bottom (town end) of the street, our property is still built on a slope. The property is obviously levelled out, but the road and pavement outside are on a slope. The 1st floor (mentioned above) could be considered the ground floor, although there are 5 steps up from the pavement to access that level.

In general we have a welcoming approach to all guests regardless of abilities. However, it is important for guests to understand that the house was built in a different age and is also in a conservation area. Whilst we aim to meet the needs of all our guests there are some features which might make access difficult for people with limited mobility.

Richard & Elaine as proprietors will afford every assistance to guests where necessary – and this includes help at breakfast and evacuation procedures in cases of emergency for those who have difficulty in moving, seeing or hearing.

However, no special provision is currently made for accessible features. If you have any particular requirements please let us know at the time of booking so we can discuss with you further and if necessary, prior to arrival.

Please read the information in this guide carefully….and if you are not sure, please do call us to discuss.


  • You can contact us by email, text or a smartphone messaging service such as WhatsApp. We do not have fax facilities. Please see the “Contact Information” section of this guide for full details.
  • We are unable to offer alternative format information and our website cannot have fonts etc changed. However, our Access Guide (and our breakfast menu) can be made available in larger print if required.
  • Our website provides pictures of our accommodation and further information about the services we provide.
  • Penrith Bus Station for local and national services, is approx. 500m away.
  • Penrith train station is approx. 1.1km away. We can pick you up from the station if that helps.
  • There are several local taxi companies - we can make bookings in advance for you.

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities


  • Please advise us of your anticipated arrival time so that we can be sure we are here to welcome you.
  • We normally ask guests to arrive between 4.00 and 7.00pm. Earlier or later arrival is usually possible by arrangement.
  • We can offer assistance with luggage as required.
  • Parking is available on our driveway alongside the house. There is a slight slope to our tarmac driveway and a slight bump at the top immediately where it adjoins the pavement. The driveway is 330cm wide. There is a short walk from our driveway to the front door- approx. 30m from the bottom of the driveway and approx. 14m from the top of the driveway, going up and then up the tarmac pavement slope on the street to the door.
  • As there is residents permit parking immediately outside our house, it is not possible to guarantee, either a parking space on the road, or space to drop off, right outside our door.
  • We have our nameplate on the wall by the red door, which is visible from the street.
  • Initial access is by our door bell but after check in a front door key will be provided. Other arrangements for initial access are possible by prior arrangement. The door bell is approx. 120cm above the steps.
  • There is a step up from the pavement and a further 3 steps up to the main door. There is also a step up through the door and into the entrance vestibule – so a total of 5 steps to get into the house. All the steps are approx. 95cm wide. The step up from the pavement is 6cm high, the 3 steps up to the door are 17cm high and the steps over the door is 15cm high, plus another 4cm for the brass sealing strip.
  • There is a metal railing on top of the stone wall bordering the steps up to the door which is approx. 94cm high from the steps.
  • Due to its age, design, layout and location, The Red Townhouse is unable to accommodate guests who are confined to wheelchairs due to the above access limitations at the entrance, and the fact that both our letting rooms are on the 2nd floor which is accessed via a staircase with 18 steps and one return.

Main Entrance, Reception, Stairs and Landing


  • The property has a single wooden guest entrance door which is 91cm wide and 215cm high. The door is hung on one side and opens inwards.
  • The external door is well lit with natural light during day and a movement sensitive light at night.
  • The front door opens into an inner Lobby (Vestibule in Cumbria) with a level wooden floor and a non-slip door mat covering about 80% of the floor area.
  • The lobby has a length of 180cm.
  • There is an internal half wood and half glazed door from the lobby into the main hall/reception area. The door is 86cm wide and 208cm high.
  • Door handles on all internal doors are approx. 87cm from the floor.
  • The lobby and hall are also well lit with natural light during the day and internal lights at night. The hall light is left on overnight.
  • There is a settle bench seat in the lobby and a single chair in the hall.
  • The level floor in the hall is wooden, but the section immediately after the lobby is also covered by a small loose floor runner carpet – this can be moved if required.
  • The Hall is approx.343cm from the lobby to the stairs with a maximum width of 260cm, but a reduced width of 118cm at its narrowest point.
  • The Breakfast Room is immediately off the hall via a wooden door which is 86cm wide and 200cm high.
  • The guest bedrooms are accessed via an internal staircase consisting of 18 steps to the landing. Each step is 87cm wide with an 18cm riser. There is a return on the staircase after the first 8 steps. The staircase has a balustrade on one side only, with the wall on the other side. The balustrade has an average height from the stairs of approx. 80cm. No other handrails/grabs are provided.
  • The landing area is 287cm by 127cm maximum.
  • The stairs and landing area are fully carpeted.
  • The stairs and landing are naturally lit during the daytime with internal lighting in the evenings. Overnight, the stairs and landing are lit by ambient light from the hall.
  • Partially disabled visitors would need to be able to negotiate the entrance to the house and then the 18 stairs to their rooms.
  • Price information is displayed in reception, using a 16pt font size.
  • Assistance (Guide) Dogs are accepted but we are unable to provide facilities for them such as bowls.
  • All signage is printed and fire signs meet current regulations.
  • No ramps are provided and there are no public facilities such as toilets, seating areas and telephones.

Breakfast Room


  • Breakfast is served in the 1st (ground) floor breakfast room, off the hall. However, it is possible to have a continental breakfast in your room, by arrangement.
  • Lighting is natural together with a central ceiling light.
  • There is one large table for all guests. The table is 160cm long by 105cm wide and has a height of 74cm.
  • The table can be extended if necessary and additional chairs are available.
  • The chairs are standard height (90cm) ladder backed with no arms and a seat height of 47cm. No chairs with arms are available.
  • Our breakfast menu is provided on arrival for ordering the night before and has a 12pt font size – it can be provided in larger print if required.
  • A breakfast buffet is available from a sideboard with a serving height of 89cm. However, we can help where appropriate. All other breakfast items are served to the table.
  • We cater for allergies and special dietary requirements. Please inform us in advance of these.
  • TV news is usually playing in the background during breakfast. Please let us know if you wish this to be switched off.      


  • There are 2 guest bedrooms on the 2nd (first) floor, carpeted throughout.
  • Tea, coffee, milk, water and biscuits are provided on our hospitality trays.
  • We also provide a hair dryer and a hair straightener cooling mat.
  • Our mattresses and bedding – duvets and pillows - are made with synthetic materials. Spare pillows are available on request. There is a throw over blanket for cool nights in the room.
  • There are 2 chairs in each room.
  • There is a wall mounted TV with remote control and a small bed side alarm clock in each room.
  • There is a folder in each room which contains information about The Red Townhouse, places to eat in Penrith and emergency contacts.
  • No telephones are available in rooms.
  • There are no fridges in the room,
  • The rooms lie to the front of the property
  • Lighting is provided by an off centre ceiling light. This is supplemented by bedside and desk lamps. Lamps are moveable if required, subject to proximity to power sockets.
  • None of our guest bedrooms, or the en suite shower room or private bathroom have grab rails.



  • Castlerigg has a King Size bed with a width of 153cm and a height of 64cm with bedding. The bed is pine frame style with mattress on top and storage space under.
  • The room and en suite are decorated with light neutral colours, except for one dark blue feature wall.
  • The entrance to the room is via a door from the landing, of width 81cm and a height of 195cm.
  • There is a cordless kettle provided. There is a marker on kettle of fill height; no other method of level indication is available.
  • Furniture is a mixture of oak and pine woods.



  • Castlerigg has en-suite facilities consisting of a shower, WC and wash basin.
  • The en suite is accessed from the bedroom via a door with a height of 192cm and width of 81cm.
  • The shower tray is a 90x90cm quadrant with the shower head on an adjustable rail and a 9cm high instep. The basin height is 85cm with a single lever tap for both hot and cold water and the WC seat height is 41cm.
  • Flooring is of the vinyl cushion type.
  • No support rails are fitted in the bathroom and there are no hoists, lifts, etc.
  • No emergency alarm is fitted in bathroom



  • Mayburgh has a Double Size bed with a width of 137cm and a height of 64cm with bedding. The bed is a pine frame style with mattress on top and storage space under.
  • The room and bathroom are decorated with light neutral colours, except for one mocha brown feature wall.
  • The entrance to the room is via a door from the landing, of width 81cm and a height of 194cm.
  • There is a cordless kettle provided. There is a marker on kettle of fill height; no other method of level indication is available.
  • All furniture is made of pine wood.

Private Bathroom


  • Mayburgh has a separate private bathroom, accessed from the landing, consisting of a bath with shower over, WC and wash basin.
  • Access to the bathroom is by exiting via the main room door (above) to the landing. The bathroom door is located 160cm across the level landing and has a narrower width of 67cm and a height of 195cm. The door handle is also slightly higher than usual at 130cm.
  • The bath has a step over height of 55cm with the shower head on an adjustable rail
  • The basin has a height of 81cm with 2 twist and turn taps for hot and cold water and the WC seat height is 41cm.
  • Flooring is of the vinyl cushion type.
  • No support rails are fitted in the bathroom and there are no hoists, lifts, etc.
  • No emergency alarm is fitted in bathroom.

Grounds and Gardens

  • The front garden is very small consisting of paver blocks and a small flower bed which contains roses and shrubs.
  • It can be viewed from the street and the steps to the front door. We would not recommend walking around it if your mobility is impaired in any way.
  • We have a level garden at the rear of the house, accessed via the tarmac driveway and the wooden gate to the left of the shed. The gate is approx. 20m from the street, down the sloping driveway.
  • You are welcome to use the picnic table in the garden.
  • Please note we have a pet dog that may be in the garden from time to time, but we will always let you know and/or take the dog back in the house – as required.

Other Facilities

  • We are a very small business and are unable to provide any of the following facilities:

Laundry (except small quick drying items such as cycling lycra), shop, treatment rooms, leisure facilities, conference, banqueting or meeting rooms, clubs & entertainment, attractions, exhibition space and any outdoor facilities except our garden – see above.

Additional Information

  • Evacuation procedures are in all rooms. This can be discussed with guests on arrival.
  • We have smoke alarms (sounder only) in the hall and landing areas, but not in the guest bedrooms or bathrooms. Please let us know on arrival if you won’t hear the alarms.
  • The building can be evacuated via the front door or through the back door, accessed via the kitchen, which is immediately adjacent to the breakfast room.
  • Please note access via the back door is via a single step down into the kitchen from the breakfast room (16cm) and then a step up to the door itself (8cm), followed by a 110cm level walk across the rear porch, before descending the rear external stairs to the garden, 10 steps, 95cm wide and each with a riser of 21cm.
  • There is no emergency lighting in the house.
  • The property is fully no smoking and no vaping.
  • Mobile phone and data reception in Penrith itself is good on all networks – EE is best.
  • Free wifi is available throughout the house.
  • Our two guest rooms are next door to each other but are not interconnecting rooms. For bookings with carers, we can only help if we have availability in both rooms for the dates you require.
  • We can if required store medicines or special dietary foods in our fridge provided they are clearly labelled and packaged.
  • We do not employ staff but are usually here, contact details are left when we are out.
  • Emergency call procedure can be discussed for any special needs.

Contact Information

The Red Townhouse
113 Lowther Street, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7UW

Telephone: 01768 866914


Hours of operation: We are open all year but do take occasional holidays. The B&B is our home so is occupied 24 hours.

Emergency number: 07917 664695

We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve. If you have any comments please use to contact information above to let us know.





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